Spress 3 is here

Hi community, it's been a long time coming but Spress is back with the version 3. This version does not content new features but some of the main packages have been updated such us Twig (from 1.x to 3.x) and Symfony components (from 3.1 to 4.4). Another important thing is that PHP 7.4 is the minimum PHP version that Spress 3 will run on. Spress 3 should be backward compatible with version 2.2.0.


  • New Fixed the PHP minimum version to 7.4 in composer.json file.
  • New Added the supporting class Filesystem. It is an extension of Symfony Filesystem component with a method for reading the content of files.
  • Improved Updated Symfony components to 4.4.
  • Improved Updated Twig to 3.0.
  • Improved Updated "michelf/php-markdown" to 1.9.
  • New Added class DependencyResolver, a simple dependency resolver. It is useful for keeping tracks of inter-document dependencies.
  • Deleted The configuration option layout_ext is not necessary anymore. Now, the option text_extensions is used to recognize layouts files.
  • Improved The class FilesystemDataSource returns layout item identifiers without file extensions when they are unique. In case of name collision, the filename extension will be added.
  • Fixed Now, Appveyor CI installs PHP and Composer using Chocolatey package system.

If you encounter issues with the new release or have suggestions, please use GitHub Issues or the comments below.


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