Spress 2.1.3 released

Hello community. A new maintenance release of Spress has been released. The highlights this time have been a fix related with the content of title_path attribute in case of filenames with dots before extension (previously, the value of this attribute appears truncated). Additionally, the value of title_path will no longer be altered by FilesystemDataSource class, only rawurlencode function is applied. If you have a file called 02-02-spress-2.1.1-released.md then the value of title_path will be spress-2.1.1-released instead of spress-2-1-1-released.

Another improvement has been the option for avoid scanning certains directories such as tests when the plugin manager is loading classes in order to detect which of those are plugins.

The complete changelog:

  • New Class FileInfo has been added to the support classes set of the core.
  • New New configuration value aimed to plugin manager builder for excluding directories in the disconvering class phase. Useful to avoid scaning test classes.
  • Fixed Fixed the truncated title_path attribute when the filename contains dots before the extension. More details in bug #88.
  • Fixed The value of title_path is not altered when it is parsed by FilesystemDataSource class. More details in bug #88.
  • Fixed If you set preserve_path_title attribute to true you will get the title parsed from the filename as-is (without the date part). Only rawurlencode function is applied. See PR #90.

How to get this version?

You just need to run self-update command:

$ spress self-update

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