Spress 2.1.2 released

Hello. A new maintenance release of Spress has been released with some bug fixes.

The complete changelog:

  • New Two new methods have been added to StringWrapper class: lower and upper for cingonvert a given string to lower-case and upper-case respectively using UTF-8 as encoding.
  • Fixed Bug #80 has been fixed: "Composer install fails if no namespace is specified in new plugin". See PR #81.
  • Fixed Bug #82 has been fixed: "Substr --- in yaml string cause builder crash".
  • Fixed Bug #83 has been fixed: "Same tags on different languages cause builder crash".

How to get this version?

If you are using Spress 2.x, the better way is to use self-update command:

$ spress self-update

To get this release directly:

$ curl -LOS https://github.com/spress/Spress/releases/download/v2.1.2/spress.phar

Enjoy it!

Posted by Victor Puertas on


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