Spress 2.1.0 released

Hi community. To make your weekend all the better, we have just released Spress 2.1.0 with many features and improvements.

Key features

  • New Sorted items in collections. Feature thanks to jjk-jacky.
  • New Attributes referring to the previous and next items in a sorted collection. Feature thanks to jjk-jacky.
  • New Calling an existing command in command plugins.
  • New Support for extending Spress with Twig tags. Contributed by jjk-jacky in #65.
  • New Support .twig extention. This feature lets you work more appropriately with pages using IDEs such as PHPStorm. Feature thanks to peterfox.
  • Improved Improved permalinks customizations. Contributed by jjk-jacky in #65.
  • Fixed Fixed the path available at page.path variable. Prior to this version, this variable contains the relative path to src/content/ but with the filename extension changed by the Converter. Now, the original filename extension isn't altered.

You can see the complete changelog here.

How to get this version?

If you are using Spress 2.x, the better way is to use self-update command:

$ spress self-update

To get this release directly:

$ curl -LOS https://github.com/spress/Spress/releases/download/v2.1.0/spress.phar

Enjoy it!

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