Spress 2.0.1 released with better support for Windows users

A new maintenance release of Spress 2.0 is out with a few fixes and improvements.

The complete changelog:

  • Improved Normalized the directory separator to / irrespective of the operating system.
  • Improved Spresso theme updated to 2.0.1.
  • Fixed Fixed the file's extension twig.html in configuration files.
  • Fixed Fixed the exception "A previous item exists with the same id" thrown by Taxonomy generator due to a key sensitive issue. A normalize method has been added. e.g: "news", "NEWS", " News " are the same term: "news".
  • Fixed Fixed the namespace of AttributeValueException at PaginationGenerator class.

Support for Windows users

This release marks the beginning of supporting Windows users. We have added the AppVeyor service to our CI workflow for testing Spress on Windows. From now, every push or pull-request to the Spress repository will be tested on Windows.

How to get this version?

If you are using Spress 2.x, the better way is to use self-update command:

$ spress self-update

To get this release directly:

$ curl -LOS https://github.com/spress/Spress/releases/download/v2.0.1/spress.phar

Enjoy it!

Posted by Victor Puertas on


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