Spress 2.0.0-rc

We have now released the first release candidate and, in theory, the unique release candidate. This release contains some features and fixes.

The highlight of this release

  • A new data source called MemoryDataSource is available for generating dynamic content. An example is available at developer documentation.
  • Support to sort items at PaginationGenerator with attributes sort_by and sort_type. See #61.
  • Added getGeneratorManager method to EnvironmentEvent for managing generators at plugins.
  • Improved the way of generating the classname in PluginGenerator (new:plugin command). e.g: a plugin named yosymfony\hola-user will generate a YosymfonyHolaUser class.
  • Fixed the lifecycle: render phase starts after converter phase has been finished for all items.

How to get this version?

To update from Spress 2.0.0-beta:

spress self-update

To get this release directly:

$ curl -LOS https://github.com/spress/Spress/releases/download/v2.0.0-rc/spress.phar

Next release will be the stable version. If you notice any problems, please open a issue on Github or join us on Gitter.

Enjoy it!

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