Spress 2.0.0-beta is here

Today is a great day because Spress 2.0.0-beta is here. In this release we have included new features such as command plugins (a new kind o plugin), a new Markdown converter based on Parsedown a parser 2-3 times faster than Michel Fortin's parser implementation or the the expected taxonomy generator.

The highlight of this release

  • Command plugins: a new kind of plugins witch provides subcommand for spress executable.
  • self-update command: a new command for keeping Spress up to date.
  • Taxonomy generator for grouping content around a set of terms.
  • Added a new special attributte avoid_renderizer for avoiding the renderizer phase over an item of content. See #59.
  • Deleted the site:new alias for command new:site.

Command plugins

Command plugins lets you create plugins that provide subcommands for spress executable. For example they are usefull for writing subcommands for handling i18n concerns.

How to create a command plugin?

$ spress new:plugin

self-update command

Keeping Spress up to date is straightforward as of this release. To update to the next Spress 2.0.0-rc just type spress self-update or spress selfupdate

Taxonomy generator

Generators are a new feature of Spress 2.0.0 for generating new items of content. Useful for pagination or as in this case for generating the taxonomy items. See the feature #57 for more details about how to use.

How to get this version?

$ curl -LOS https://github.com/spress/Spress/releases/download/v2.0.0-beta/spress.phar

Next release will be the release candidate. If you notice any problems, please open a issue on Github or join us on Gitter.

Enjoy it!

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