Spress 2.0.0-alpha is out

We’re super excited to announce that Spress 2.0.0-alpha is now available! This is the first and unique alpha pre-release. Check out the full changelog but in a nutshell, this are the key features:

  • Data-sources: (see #46) data sources can load site data from certain locations like filesystem or database.
  • Data-writer (see #44): The DataWriter's responsibility is to persist the content of the items, typically to filesystem.
  • New site's structure (see #41).
  • Collections of content (see #43): collections allow you to define a new type of document like page or post.
  • Generators (see #45): Generators are used for generating new items of content.
  • Renderizer (see #48): Renderizer are responsible for formatting content.
  • Established PHP 5.5 as minimum version (see #42).

Migrating from Spress 1.x to 2.x?

There are a few incompatibilities and new features that should be considered. Spress 2 comes with a new site structure where configuration data and the output folder are located at the first level. The main content is placed at src with a folder for includes, layouts, plugins and content.

Folder mapping: (see Spresso theme for more details)

Spress 1.x Spress 2.x
content (index.html, rss.xml) src/content
_layouts src/layouts
_includes src/includes
_site build
config.yml config.yml

Plugin system has been reviewed with four new events and five deleted.

List of new events:

  • spress.before_render_blocks: called just before a item content is rendered.
  • spress.after_render_blocks: called just after a item content is rendered.
  • spress.before_render_page: called just before a item content is rendered with layouts.
  • spress.after_render_page: called just after a item content is rendered with layouts.

List of deleted events:

  • spress.after_convert_posts.
  • spress.after_render_pagination.
  • spress.before_render_pagination.
  • spress.before_render: replaced by spress.before_render_blocks and spress.before_render_page.
  • spress.after_render: replaced by spress.after_render_blocks and spress.after_render_page.

Plugins and themes of add-ons will be migrated progressively.

See migrating documentation for more details.

How to get this version?

$ curl -LOS https://github.com/spress/Spress/releases/download/v2.0.0-alpha/spress.phar

Next release will be beta 1. If you notice any problems, please open a issue on Github.

Enjoy it!

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