Spress 1.1.0 beta 2 is out

Hi again. The second and last beta of Spress 1.1.0 has been released. The main feature included in this release are two new commands for scaffolding plugins and posts: new:post and new:plugin. Another new goodies are included like Issue #17: Twig debug mode through configuration. Spress 1.1.0 is due for release in few weeks and we need your help with testing of new command for scaffolding.If you found any bug, please open a issue at Github.

Scaffolding commands

By default, the commands interacts with the user to tweak the generation. Any passed option will be used as a default value for the interaction. The command site:new has been declared deprecated and replaced by `new:site.


The new:post command helps you generates new posts.

new:post [--title="..."] [--layout="default"] [--date="..."] [--tags="..."] [--categories="..."]

  • --title: The title of the post.
  • --layout: The layout of the post.
  • --date: The date assigned to the post.
  • --tags: Tags list separed by white spaces.
  • --categories: Categories list separed by white spaces.


$>spress new:post


The new:plugin command helps you generates new plugins.

new:plugin [--name="..."] [--author="..."] [--email="..."] [--description="..."] [--license="MIT"]

  • --name: The name of the plugins should follow the pattern vendor-name/plugin-name.
  • --author: The author of the plugin.
  • --email: The Email of the author.
  • --description: The description of your plugin.
  • --license: The license under you publish your plugin. MIT by default.


$>spress new:plugin

How to get Spress 1.1.0?

To test Spress 1.1.0 you can clone the repository at GitHub. Next you should get the vendors with composer:

$ git clone https://github.com/spress/Spress.git
$ composer update

Enjoy it!

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