Spress 1.0.1 released

After a month since the first stable version of Spress, v1.0.1 is available with two minor fixed bugs and two new events related with the posts pagination: spress.before_render_pagination and spress.after_render_pagination. This events allow you to take the control of what happen both before and after of render each pagination template. The events receive an RenderEvent object as an argument each. An example of how to iterate over the posts of the current page:

public function onBeforeRenderPagination(RenderEvent $event)
    $payload = $event->getPayload();

    foreach($payload['paginator']['posts'] as $index => $postPage)
        if(preg_match($this->patternsHtml, $postPage['content'], $matches))
            // Do something

            // ...

            // save your changes

How to update?

Using Composer:

$ cd /your-spress-folder
$ php composer.phar update

From ZIP file: you can get the a ZIP file from Spress download page.

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