New in Spress 2.2.0: "avoid_renderizer" feature for type of files

Hello community! Spress is on the way to 2.2.0 and today we want to unveil a new feature for applying the "avoid_renderizer" feature automatically to both certain type of files and files that belong to a path. The avoid_renderizer attribute let's avoid the renderizer comes into action with a file. Prior to Spress 2.2.0, you needed to put this attribute file by file. Now, you can set a filter in the config.yml file like the following:

# config.yml
  filename_extensions: ['css', 'js']
  paths: ['assets']

In the prior example, all files belonging to assets folder (this folder is relative to src/content path) or those with a filename's extension type css or js will receive an avoid_renderizer: true attribute unless otherwise expressly provided in a file.

Spress comes with the following configuration by default:

  filename_extensions: ['css', 'js']
  paths: ['assets', 'bower_components', 'node_modules']

Posted by Victor Puertas on


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