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OpenShift is a cloud computing platform as a service from Red Hat for running applications in several platform like NodeJs, Java or PHP. Openshift is a one of the most common PaaS because has a competitive prices for computing with free and premium plans. The free plan is a good starting point for creating static blogs and web pages. Openshift is organized in Gears and inside of each Gears we have one or more cartridges. OpenShift has a few prepared carteridges for PHP, Java, MySQL and other applications. Today we are proudly to present a Cartridge for running a static site or blog using Spress.

How to create a static site on Openshift

To use this cartridge you need an account on Openshift.

  1. Go to Openshift and log-in or sign-on for new accounts.
  2. Create a new application.
  3. Choose a type application: go to "Code Anythig" and paste the URL of the manifest file: http://spress.yosymfony.com/openshift-cartridge/manifest.yml.

  1. Set the application name and press "Create Application"

Using console tool

Another way to create an application based on this cartridge is using the console tool:

  1. Installing the OpenShift Client Tools (RHC).
  2. Create a new application on OpenShift using this command:
rhc app create spress http://spress.yosymfony.com/openshift-cartridge/manifest.yml
  • Ready! you can access to your new site.

Modify your site

The last step of this process is to modify your new site:

  • Clone the repository that is associated with your OpenShift gear to your local machine.
  • The www/ folder contains your Spress site.
  • Make your changes and send a pull to repository. You do not need to upload your _site folder that is created by running Spress locally.
  • Your OpenShift gear will take care of building your site with your changes.

Note that each time you make a pull to repository, your site is builing with --env=prod option. Do not change the values for host and port variables at config_prod.yml.

Enjoy it!

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