The new executable phar file

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With the release of Spress 1.1.0 we have a new way for getting Spress: as phar file.

...a phar archive provides a way to distribute a complete PHP application in a single file.

Run a phar file is straightforward:

$ php spress.phar

or in Unix, Linux and Mac OS you can run directly:

$ spress.phar

More examples of use:

$ spress.phar new:site /my-folder spresso

$ spress.phar new:post

Go to download section and choose phar option.

If you need more information about phar extension see the official PHP documentation.

Installing themes

With the phar file you can't install themes globally, I mean, modifying composer.json of Spress installation folder. To install a theme you can download a copy or fork a repository if the theme is hosted on Github.

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