New in Spress 1.1: built-in server and watch for changes

Spress 1.1.0 is coming and this time we want to show you two new features: the built-in server and the resource watcher. With the built-in server you have a simple web server for viewing your site without any extra requirement. To enable this server you can use --server option with spress site:build command. The other feature included in this version is a resource watcher for watching for changes and to regenerate your site automatically. To enable this feature you can use --watch option with spress site:build command. Each option can be used individually.

$ spress site:build --server --watch

By defacult the built-in server is listening accepting connections from any adress by port 4000. If you want change this values you can add this lines to config.yml of your site with your values:

host: 'localhost'
port: 4000

This video show us how to work this new options:

Additionally, Spress 1.1.0 beta1 will be ready this week!.

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