A static site generator in your PHP projects

The last days I have been working on splitting Spress into Spress Core and its ecosystem (console commands and others) as I was described in issue #13. Now you can include Spress Core in your PHP projects. This feature would be useful for generating HTML content of a web project that have both dynamic and static responses.

How to use?

The first step is to add yosymfony/spress-core to your require section in composer.json and to execute the composer update command.

    "require": {
        "yosymfony/spress-core": "1.1.*@dev"

After your dependencies has been updated you can create a Spress application an parse a site.

The below code applies to Spress 1.x:

use Yosymfony\Spress\Core\Application;

class MyClass
    public function parseSite()
        $options = [];
        $app = new Application($options);

The /path-to-your-spress-site/ is a folder with a Spress structure. You can see an example of a Spress site.

Set the environment information

If your Spress site has environment configuration, you can set the environment's name with the second argument of parse method:

$app->parse('/your-site/', 'prod')

With the before example you are setting the production (prod) environment and the options of config.yml will be overridden with the options of config_prod.yml of your site.

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