New in Spress 1.1: Environment configurations

The development of Spress 1.1.0 continues with new features like support to load configurations for different environments. This is useful for writing configuration options for development and production environments. Each Spress site has a config.yml file (mandatory) with the options for the default environment (dev). If you want set options for production environment you can to create a config_prod.yml file with the options that will be overrided in config.yml. The command line option --env let you to enable the environment.

The pattern for environment configuration file is config_{environment-name}.yml.

An example

The configuration options for default environment:

# config.yml

title: "Blogs and sites powered by flat files"
description: "Spress is a blog-aware application that transform your plain text files in static sites."
logo: "spress-logo.png"

url: ""

The url option for production environment will be overrided in config.yml:

# config_prod.yml

url: ""

Now you can build your site with development options: $ spress site:build or using options for production: $ spress site:build --env=prod.

How to get the environment's name in your templates or plugins?

In your templates the environment's name is located at site.env. If you are a plugin developer you can get this value in spress.start, spress.before_render, spress.after_render, spress.before_render_pagination or spress.after_render_pagination events.

You can get more information about environment configurations in this proposal.

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