New in Spress 1.1: IO API

The development of Spress 1.1 has started and the first improvement is the new IO API available for plugins. With the IO API your plugins can to interact with the user to show messages or to make questions:

  • Write messages.
  • Ask.
  • Ask confirmation (for yes/no questions).
  • Ask and hide answer.

This is a example of how to use the new IO API:

class SpressIOExample extends Plugin
    private $io;

    public function initialize(EventSubscriber $subscriber)
        $subscriber->addEventListener('spress.start', 'onStart');

    public function onStart(EnviromentEvent $event)
        $this->io = $event->getIO();

            $this->io->write('Welcome to Github plugin for Spress.', true);
            $answer = $this->io->askConfirmation(
                "Do you want to connect to your Github account? ",

                $this->io->ask('username: ');

At the before example, you can get access to IO API with getIO method of EnviromentEvent. Before make a question to user is recommendable to know if the interface is interactive using isInteractive method.

IO API methods

  • write: Write a message: $io->write('message', true). The second argument let you set a new line.
  • ask: Ask a question: $io->ask('question?', 'default value').
  • askConfirmation: yes/no question. $io->askConfirmation('do you want?', false). The second argument is the default answer if the user enters nothing.
  • askAndValidate: Ask a question with a callback function to validate the response.
  • askAndHideAnswer: Ask a question and hide the answer. This method is useful to require password.
  • askHiddenResponseAndValidate: This method is like before but using a callback function to validate the response.

If you want know more about IO API, check the Spress IO interface at Github.

The next improvement for Spress 1.1 is related with configuration files and the possibility of to define multiple enviroments.

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