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Posts are a kind of page located at ./src/content/posts typically written using Markdown syntax and with a special filename pattern.

The following examples assume that you are using a site with Spresso theme. If not, you can create one with new:site command:

$ spress new:site example spresso

It’s easy to manually create posts but Spress provides a new:post command:

$ spress new:post

By default, the command interacts with the user to tweak the generation. The complete syntax of the command is availabe here.

 An example of a post

layout: "post"
title: "Welcome"
description: "Welcome to my first post"
categories: ["news"]
tags: ["twitter", "blog"]
This is a post. You can mix text and HTML like this:
<a href="{{ site.url }}"/about/>About me</a>.

Uses variables in Markdown link:
[Home](<{{ site.url }}>)

Multiple tags can be added to a post using tags attribute.


The categories of a post can be set as using the categories attribute or deducted from the directory structure. In the following example, 2015-12-01-what-is-new.md will have news category assigned because the post is stored at news folder:

|- /content
|  |- /posts
|  |  |- 2015-12-01-my-first-post.md
|  |  |- /news
|  |  |- |- 2015-11-01-what-is-new.md

Preserve title from filename in permalinks

In case of you want to preserve the title extracted from the filename over the title attribute assigned at Front matter block in permalinks you can use preserve_path_title attribute.

e.g: a post filename like: 2015-03-12-spress-is-a-static-site-generator.md

layout: post
title: Spress 静态网站生成器
preserve_path_title: true
categories: [Blog]

If you want set preserve_path_title: true as default for all your posts you need to add this attribute to your post collection. Open the config.yml file of your site and add the following lines:

    output: true
    preserve_path_title: true


They are posts you’re still working on and don’t want to publish yet To enable a draft set draft attribute to `true:

layout: "post"
title: "Welcome"
description: "Welcome to my first post"
categories: ["news"]
tags: ["twitter", "blog"]
draft: true
This is a post.

Draft posts won't be included by defatult in the compiled site. If you want to include draft posts, use the flag --drafts with site:build command.

$ spress site:build --drafts

Creating a post file manually

A post filename have a special name pattern: year-month-day-title.md (.md is the file extension).

  • year: Four-digit number.
  • month: Two-digit number.
  • day: Two-digit number.
  • title: The title without spaces and only can have URL valid characters.

Example of valid posts files:

  • 2013-12-01-my-first-post.md
  • 2013-11-01-what-is-new.md

This pattern of filename will adds automatically the following attributes to the item: date and title.