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Plugin installation

Plugins extends Spress with amazing capabilities. They are located at ./src/plugins folder. The easy way to install a plugin is using the add:plugin command. In this example, We will use a plugin called spress/github-metadata-plugin.

$ cd your-site-folder
$ spress add:plugin spress/github-metadata-plugin

How to update?

The command update:plugin update all installed plugin to their latest version:

$ cd your-site-folder
$ spress update:plugin

In case of you want to update only a few of them, you can pass a list of names as an argument:

$ cd your-site-folder
$ spress update:plugin vendor1/plugin1 vendor2/plugin2

How to install plugins from composer.lock?

The command update:plugin with the option --prefer-lock install all plugin with the version written in composer.lock:

$ cd your-site-folder
$ spress update:plugin --prefer-lock