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There are a few incompatibilities and new features that should be considered. Spress 2 comes with a new site structure where configuration data and the output folder are located at the first level. The main content is placed at src with a folder for includes, layouts, plugins and content.

New features:

Folder mapping

Spress 1.x Spress 2.x
main content (index.html, rss.xml) ./src/content
_layouts ./src/layouts
_includes ./src/includes
_plugins ./src/plugins
_site ./build
config.yml config.yml

More details about the site structure.

Configuration settings

List of configuration options of config.yml deleted because they was marked as deprecated:

  • baseurl: replaced by url.
  • paginate and paginate_path: see pagination for more details about how to paginate items.
  • limit_posts
  • processable_ext
  • destination
  • posts
  • includes
  • layouts
  • plugins

Plugin review

Plugin system has been reviewed with four new events and five deleted. A pluging must implement PluginInterface instead of extending Plugin class. Last one has been deleted.


The EnviromentEvent class has definitely been deleted because contains a typo. Now, spress.start reciebes EnvironmentEvent class as an argument.

The events spress.before_convert and spress.after_convert receive a ContentEvent object as an argument instead of ConvertEvent. Last one has been deleted.

The complete list of events are detailed at developers doc.

List of new events:

  • spress.before_render_blocks: called just before a item content is rendered.
  • spress.after_render_blocks: called just after a item content is rendered.
  • spress.before_render_page: called just before a item content is rendered with layouts.
  • spress.after_render_page: called just after a item content is rendered with layouts.

List of deleted events:

Events Replacement
spress.after_convert_posts You can use the first invoke to spress.before_render_blocks.
spress.before_render spress.before_render_blocks and spress.before_render_page.
spress.after_render spress.after_render_blocks and spress.after_render_page.


Methods initialize and getSupportExtension of ConverterInterface have been deleted. getSupportExtension method has been replaced by matches method. Now, matches method returns true if file's extension is support by a converter. More details about converters.

Plugin installer

For distributable plugins using Composer tool, the Spress add-ons installer has changed its package name from yosymfony/spress-installer to spress/spress-installer. Edit the composer.json file and replace the prior package with the newest:

    "require": {
        "spress/spress-installer": "~2.0"