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Front matter

Front matter block lets you specify certain attributes of a page or create custom ones of your own that will be available in the content as variables.

The Front matter must be the first thing in the file.

layout: "default"
title: "Hello world" # Replace the posts title from the file.
my_name: "Victor"
This is a page body.

The Front matter uses YAML syntax and is declared between triple-dashed lines. Your attributes will be accessible for Twig: My name is {{ page.my_name }}.

There are atributes like layout or permalink that have a special meaning.

 Metadata files

There are situations in where a Front matter breaks syntax highlighting of your IDE. For those situations a metadata file lets you specify the page's attributes in a separate file. A metadata file uses YAML syntax and has the same name as the page itself but with .meta suffix. e.g: the page about.md can have its attributes stored at about.md.meta.