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by Ewan Traveler

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featured Themes

Pure white. hopeful green by Juanma cabello


A minimalism theme for spress.

Clean blog by Spress add-ons

bootstrap startbootstrap css3 responsive blog

An elegant bootstrap blog theme. Live demo.

Tinto by enzo - Eduardo Garcia

html5 css3 responsive menu

Tinto is a two column responsive theme inspired by Minimal Mistakes. Live demo.

About Me by Spress add-ons

html5 css3 responsive single-page

A single page business card theme. Live demo.

Directive from HTML5 UP by Spress add-ons

html5 css3 responsive

A responsive HTML5 + CSS3 template designed by HTML5 UP. Live demo.

Spresso by Yo! Symfony

bootstrap simple elegant

Spresso is the basic theme of Spress. Live demo.

featured Plugins

Spress assets by Sebastian Holtz


It allows to asset boost your site and you can manipulate your images so that they fit best.

Spress Import by Yo! Symfony

wordpress csv

A plugin for importing from various blog platform to Spress.

Remote JSON by Kris Northfield

twig api json

Get JSON data from URL, like an API.

Twig Extensions by Ghislain PHU

twig intl

Add twig/extensions to Spress.

Beautify HTML by Leonard Mocanu

html beautify

Beautify your Spress HTML output.

Slugify Twig filter by Kris Northfield

slugify twig

Add slugify Twig filter to Spress.

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