Spress turns 1.1.0

Spress just turned 1.1.0. This release comes seven months later of the last stable 1.0.3 with interesting new goodies. This release also marks the start of Spress 2 development. What’s changed in 1.1.0? Here are some highlights:

  • Two new scaffolding commands: new:post and new:plugin for creating posts and plugin respectively. See the blog post.
  • Built-in server and watch for changes. With the built-in server you have a simple web server for viewing your site without any extra requirement. The new watch mode for site:build command enables to watch for changes and to regenerate your site automatically. See the blog post.
  • The new IO API enables to plugins for interact with the user. See the blog post.
  • Support for environment configurations. This is useful for writing configuration options for development and production environments. See the blog post.
  • Debug mode. With this mode activated you can dump information about a template variable in your templates.

The full changelog

  • Fixed Bug #30: Adding source parameter to config appears to not do anything.
  • Improved Support for exceptions during parsing a site with --server and `--watch options.
  • Improved config.yml is reloaded when rebuilding the site with watch mode enabled.
  • Improved Spresso theme updated to 1.1.
  • Improved Symfony components updated to 2.6.
  • New variable: server_watch_ext at global configuration.
  • Fixed Default value for layout at new:post command assigned to null.
  • Fixed Fixed questions for tags and categories in new:post command.
  • Fixed Fixed new:post help message.
  • Fixed Added validators for command options.
  • Improved Performance of combination --server and --watch options improved.
  • Improved Deleted unused variables.
  • New Issue #17: Twig debug mode through configuration.
  • New Two new scaffolding commands: new:post and new:plugin.
  • New Proposal #22: Namespace "new" in commands for creating stuff.
  • Deprecated The command site:new has been declared deprecated and replaced by new:site.
  • New IO API useful for interacting with the users.
  • New Proposal #9: Support for environment configuration files. New key env for config.yml.
  • New PR #12: Added ability to use multiple extensions on layouts.
  • New Proposal #15: Built-in server and watch for changes.
  • Fixed Issue #10: Classname with typo: EnviromentEvent. This class was replaced by EnvironmentEvent.
  • Fixed PR #14: Changed Frontmatter regex pattern to allow for CRLF line endings.
  • Improved Proposal #13: Split Spress into Spress Core and its ecosystem.
  • Improved Replaces all uses of deprecated method mergeWith from ConfigServiceProvider by union method.
  • Improved Proposal #11: Improve the plugins manager for writing plugins more easily.
  • Improved Decoupled options for Plugin Manager.
  • Improved PSR-4 for classloader.
  • Improved Symfony components >= 2.4 and < 3 in composer.json.
  • Improved The default value for url key at global configuration is empty-string.
  • Improved Documentation fixes.
  • Deprecated The configuration options: baseurl and relative_permalinks has been declared deprecated.

Enjoy it!

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