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This article describes how to Spress perform a site:

  1. Reads the site configuration file: config.yml.
  2. Loads plugins from ./src/plugins folder and for each calls to initialize method if safe mode is disbled.
  3. Dispatches spress.start event.
  4. Invokes setUp method of the data writer registered. The default data writer cleans the ./build folder.
  5. Invokes clear method of the Renderizer registered.
  6. Loads the data sources and for each calls to getItems method.
  7. Process generators.
  8. Sorts items. Spress >= 2.1
  9. Sets the next and prior relationships of items belonging to sorted collections. Spress >= 2.1
  10. Loads layouts and includes items: invokes getLayouts and getIncludes method of each data source.
  11. For each item Spress applies a converter and dispatches the events spress.before_convert and spress.after_convert.
  12. Process permalinks of items.
  13. For each item without an attribute avoid_renderizer: true Spress applies a content renderer without layouts and dispatches the events spress.before_render_blocks and spress.after_render_blocks.
  14. For each item without the attribute avoid_renderizer Spress applies a content render and dispatches the events spress.before_render and spress.after_render. After a spress.after_render event the item is persisted using write method of the data writer registered.
  15. Dispathes the event spress.finish.