Spress 3.0.0 will be the next version

Hi community. I was working on Spress 2.3.0 whose only new feature would have been the incremental site regeneration, an experimental feature that lets Spress to recompile only the modified files in a site so it can save time and increments the performance. From a year and some months ago I'm father and I don't have enough free time for all my side projects so I have decided to focus my effors on Spress 3.0.0 (master branch). This version will work over PHP 7.2 (minimum version) and Symfony 4. I'll keep you update about all the new features and changes.

Spress 2.2.0 released

Hi community. After several months working on Spress 2.2.0, it is here with 11 new features, 6 improvements and 8 fixes. The highlights of this release are the support for themes, a little package manager based on Composer and the jumps to PHP 5.6 dropping the support for 5.5. Additionally, an issue related with copying dot-files such as .htaccess into build directory has been fixed.


Themes let you create sites based on community-maintained templates. These ones package layouts, includes and assets in a way that can be overridden by your site content. Themes are published via Packagist.org. The new:site command has been updated to let you create a site based on any theme. Additionaly, a new:theme command has been added to facilitate the task of create a new theme. You can get more details about this one here.

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Spress 2.2.0-rc is out. Help us to test

Hello community. Last Monday 16th of January I released the first RC of Spress 2.2.0 (I think this will be the only RC). We need help for testing the new features. This version comes with a few new features such as a package manager, support for themes or the migration of Symfony components from 2.7 to 3.2. This migration could throw some excetions due to the deprecations introduced in Symfony Yaml component since version 2.8. In the coming days I'm going to update the documentation according to the new features. Additionaly, I'm going to review the themes of Spress add-ons organization on Github.

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New in Spress 2.2.0: "avoid_renderizer" feature for type of files

Hello community! Spress is on the way to 2.2.0 and today we want to unveil a new feature for applying the "avoid_renderizer" feature automatically to both certain type of files and files that belong to a path. The avoid_renderizer attribute let's avoid the renderizer comes into action with a file. Prior to Spress 2.2.0, you needed to put this attribute file by file. Now, you can set a filter in the config.yml file like the following:

# config.yml
  filename_extensions: ['css', 'js']
  paths: ['assets']

In the prior example, all files belonging to assets folder (this folder is relative to src/content path) or those with a filename's extension type css or js will receive an avoid_renderizer: true attribute unless otherwise expressly provided in a file.

Spress comes with the following configuration by default:

  filename_extensions: ['css', 'js']
  paths: ['assets', 'bower_components', 'node_modules']